Want to know about replacing a C.O.P. Type Ignition Coil

Car Ignition Coil
Parts              Tools       Difficulty
Ignition Coil     Scan Tool      Moderate 


Protection Tip: wear safety glasses at all times when working on your car. Wear other personal protective equipment (PPE) when needed, for instance latex gloves or closed toe shoes.

Start your car.

2.Trace your check engine light and monitor its status.

3.Confirm that the check engine light is on while the engine is running.

4.Attach scanner to the OBD output.

5.Keep an eye on the scanner’s instructions to retrieve diagnostic trouble code(s).

6.Find the coil that is associated with the cylinder number on the misfire code.

7.Detach the wiring harness from the faulty coil.

8.Disengage and / or take away the screws or clip that secure the coil in position.

9.Take out the faulty coil.

10.Place a thin layer of dielectric paste on the inside of the new coil boot where it links the spark plug ceramic body.

11.Secure the new coil in place and attach the wiring harness.

12.Follow the scanners directions to clear the check engine code.

13.Start the car and monitor the status of your keep a check engine light.