Want to know about Performing a Basic Engine Tune-Up?

Air Filter Box for Car
  • Parts                             Tools                                 Difficulty
  • Air Filter                       Screwdriver                     Moderate
  • Distributor Cap           Spark Plug Gapper
  • Distributor Rotor
  • Spark Plug


Protection Tip: wear safety glasses at all times when working on your car. Wear other personal protective equipment (PPE) when needed, for instance latex gloves or closed toe shoes.

1. With the engine off and cold, open the hood and find the air filter, the spark plugs, and the distributor cap and rotor (if applicable). These are the parts most usually substituted when performing a basic engine tune-up.

2. Relief the clips and take out the air filter box cover. Take out the air filter.

3. Vacuum first, then rub out the air filter box to remove all debris. Connect the new air filter and re-install the filter box cover.

4. Hold the spark plug wire boot and do away with the wire from the plug. Take away the spark plug from the cylinder head using a ratchet, spark plug socket, and socket extension.