Volvo purposely blurs the wagon/SUV line with the V60 Cross Country

Volvo purposely blurs the wagon/SUV line with the V60 Cross Country

During a presentation of the car here in the ice- and snow-covered northern part of Volvo’s home market, Jilden told Automotive News Europe that the people who pick the V60 Cross Country are usually self-employed professionals who cherish their time outdoors doing things such as mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, or skiing.

Jilden said V60 Cross Country customers appreciate that the car can be driven to work all week but still has the credentials to handle rugged terrains, such as a frozen lake or roads blanketed with snow, and brutal conditions such as temperatures as low as -27 Celsius, as was the case during testing of the vehicle by journalists last week.

Robert Lilja, a project leader within Volvo’s vehicle propulsion controls team, said that the V60 Cross County can handle rough roads and difficult weather because along with its all-wheel drive it has a number of other standard features that are only in the XC60.

One is the addition of the Off-Road driving mode to a selection of options that includes Comfort, Dynamic and Eco. Off-Road can be used at speeds up to 40 kph. In this mode, the car senses when it might get stuck, especially if the driver accelerates very rapidly to get out of a difficult situation. Instead of spinning its wheels, the car is programed to automatically provide the right amount of power and torque to get out of a tough spot.

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