Volvo parent Geely teases sedan EV

Volvo parent Geely teases sedan EV
Volvo parent company Geely is teasing a new battery-electric sedan ahead of its full unveiling in early 2019, offering only a few details about the car but promising “a focus on design, technology and performance.”

The Chinese automaker says its forthcoming EV was a “globally developed product” that will help it realize its goals of entering overseas markets, presumably including the U.S. The company has said it wants 90 percent of its fleet vehicles to be electrified by 2020.

A darkened image shows a swept-back greenhouse and a bulge in the sheetmetal along the shoulder. Geely says the vehicle will show off a “closed” frontal design language embracing the concept of “yi,” the Chinese word for one, which looks something like “—” when expressed as a character. So the headlights reach across the front fascia and up to the front arches. The pronounced hoodline was designed to improve wind drag. Door handles are also integrated into the bodywork and appear only when the driver or passenger is sensed approaching.

It’s the first all-new electric sedan Geely has introduced since the Emgrand EV sedan more than three years ago. That EV was based on the combustion version of the Emgrand, which Geely says just closed out its seventh straight year as China’s best-selling sedan at 246,933 units.

Geely said its sales in 2018 rose 20.3 percent to more than 1.5 million vehicles, an all-time high. The company last year also made a $9 billion investment in Daimler, giving it a 10 percent stake and making it the biggest shareholder.

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