Upcoming, 2019 Yamaha FZ V3.0: What it’ll look like

Upcoming, 2019 Yamaha FZ V3.0: What it'll look like

Yamaha FZ 3.0 has been spotted testing multiple times on the Indian roads and the launch of the all-new bike is imminent. Yamaha is expected to launch the 2019 FZ V3.0 in the Indian market in early 2019 and based on the spy pictures, here is rendered image of how the bike may look like in real life.

The naked bike that takes on the likes of the Suzuki Gixxer, Bajaj Pulsar and the Honda Hornet will soon be updated with a lot of visual and mechanical changes. The design of the upcoming Yamaha FZ 3.0 will be updated with the new redesigned fuel tank and updated radiator. It is also expected to get all-new LED headlamp, which can be similar to the one we see on the Yamaha FZ25. The overall body design of the FZ 3.0 has been updated too and it now gets a sleeker tail section and a new single-piece seat.

The alloy wheels look very much similar to the Yamaha FZ25 and get a 10-spoke set-up, which looks way more aggressive than the outgoing 5-spoke wheels. The fat rear tyre features a short mudguard that exposes the tyre and gives it a very wide look. The new FZ will also get an updated digital instrument cluster but the features are expected to remain the same. Other changes include updated body graphics that will be much more aggressive than the current one.

Engine-wise, the new Yamaha FZ 3.0 is expected to remain unchanged. It will get a 149cc, fuel-injected, single-cylinder engine that produces a maximum power of 13.2 PS and a peak torque of 12.8 Nm. It gets a 5-speed manual transmission. As per the new safety rules, the bike will also get a single-channel ABS, which will become mandatory to the new rules coming in on April 2019. However, both the wheels of the FZ V3 would get the disc brakes.

Yamaha Fz 2

The Yamaha FZ V3.0 is the best-selling product of the brand in the Indian market. It has a strong legacy behind it and the new model will only make it tougher for the rivals. Yamaha is also expected to launch the all-new MT-15 in the Indian market, which will be a performance naked bike.

The MT-15 is powered by the same engine as the YZF-R15 and will target the youths who want a powerful naked bike. It will be first of its kind product and even though it will be the same displacement segment as the FZ V3.0, it will have a different target audience.

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