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Tyre test 2019: results by category | Tyre reviews: best car tyres 2019

 It’s been some time since we ventured beyond saloon and hatchback sizes for our tyre test, and the switch to SUV tyres has certainly shaken up the usual competitive order. We’ve also seen characteristics that we expect from certain brands fail to materialise.

At the bottom of the table, Michelin’s ‘good-on-fuel, less-good-in-wet’ result was a surprise because its recent tyres have been much more balanced. Sharing last place is Cooper, although it is showing its age, particularly on fuel economy.

Hankook did its usual solid job, while Continental did not: there’ll be questions asked in Hanover. Goodyear and Dunlop were closely matched, while our top two were also hard to split. Nokian takes its first summer-tyre win from Falken, but both are ideally suited to the demands of SUVs.

Results by Category

1st Nokian 100%
2nd Falken 99.80%
3rd= Dunlop 99.50%
3rd= Goodyear 99.50%
5th Continental 99.10%
6th Hankook 99%
7th= Cooper 98.30%
7th= Michelin 98.30%
Wet handling
1st Nokian 100%
2nd= Falken 98.80%
2nd= Goodyear 98.80%
4th Dunlop 99.50%
5th Hankook 9.40%
6th Continental 98.30%
7th Cooper 97.70%
8th Michelin 97%
Wet braking
1st Nokian 100%
2nd Dunlop 99.50%
3rd Goodyear 99.10%
4th Hankook 99.00%
5th Falken 98.60%
6th= Continental 95.50%
6th= Michelin 95.50%
8th Cooper 91.70%
Wet cornering
1st Nokian 100%
2nd Cooper 99.10%
3rd Falken 98.80%
4th Goodyear 98.60%
5th Dunlop 97.90%
6th Hankook 97.30%
7th Continental 96.50%
8th Michelin 94.90%
Straight aquaplaning
1st Hankook 100%
2nd= Dunlop 99.00%
2nd= Goodyear 99.00%
4th Michelin 98.70%
5th Nokian 98.00%
6th Falken 96.20%
7th Continental 94.10%
8th Cooper 93.30%
Curved aquaplaning
1st Goodyear 100%
2nd Hankook 97.60%
3rd Dunlop 94.10%
4th Nokian 89.70%
5th Michelin 88.80%
6th Falken 85.50%
7th Continental 83.60%
8th Cooper 79.80%
Rolling resistance
1st Continental 100%
2nd Michelin 94.30%
3rd Nokian 86.10%
4th Dunlop 81.80%
5th Hankook 80.40%
6th Falken 79.40%
7th Goodyear 78.30%
8th Cooper 75.40%
Dry handling
1st Falken 100%
2nd Continental 99.60%
3rd Nokian 99.50%
4th Cooper 99.30%
5th Dunlop 98.90%
6th Goodyear 98.80%
7th Michelin 98.80%
8th Hankook 98.70%
Dry braking
1st Falken 100%
2nd Dunlop 99.20%
3rd Nokian 98.50%
4th Continental 98.10%
5th Goodyear 97.80%
6th Michelin 97.50%
7th Cooper 97.40%
8th Hankook 94.60%
Cabin noise
1st Hankook 100%
2nd Falken 99.70%
3rd Goodyear 99.70%
4th Dunlop 99.30%
5th Continental 99.10%
6th Michelin 98.80%
7th Cooper 98.20%
8th Nokian 97.90%
1st Cooper £115.50
2nd Hankook £120.44
3rd Dunlop £131.88
4th Falken £133.79
5th Continental £134.70
6th Nokian £152.40
7th Goodyear £156.47
8th Michelin £161.99

Nokian Powerproof

Tyre Test 2019 - side tracking

It’s not quite as economical or quiet as its rivals, but the Powerproof is great to drive on, and a sound all-round choice for UK roads.

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