Taking care of leather upholstery

Leather upholstery trims became popular because of the availability of various designs and their ease of maintenance. Being an animal derived product, it is important that you take care of the leather used in your seats, door and dashboard trims. The smell of a fresh leather seat eventually fades but maintenance at least delays this process.

Hydration/conditioning the leather components prevents them from drying and wearing out easily. Vacuuming removes surface dust, and brushes and swabs can be used to clean dirt accumulated in the crevices. A designated leather cleaning product should be used, using detergent-based cleaning fluids can discolour leather products. Using a leather protection fluid applied using a microfiber cloth can ensure that the leather survives the daily assault of contaminants. Letting the fluid dry properly is very important as it takes a while for the leather to absorb it.

TIP: The best way to keep the interiors of a car in perfect condition is to always use the air-conditioner and don’t let your windows down. This is the best way to keep the traffic film and the pollution out of the car. Also, avoid eatables which are spillable and not to mention the fire stick being handled inside the car.

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