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Synergy launches biodiesel ‘Synergy Green Diesel’, Auto News, ET Auto

New Delhi: Synergy Teletech Pvt. Ltd has launched its new biodiesel fuel ‘Synergy Green Diesel’ that is claimed to be able to reduce environmental pollution and help small businesses save money, said the company in a release.

With the air quality deteriorating rapidly in Delhi-NCR and burning of diesel being a major reason behind that, the ‘Synergy Green Diesel’, a distilled grade biodiesel, could be an environment-friendly fuel option for the non-transport sector, as the company says. It is also claimed to be cheaper than normal diesel.

Speaking about the launch of the ‘Synergy Green Diesel’, Prasan Surana, Founder of Synergy Teletech Private Limited, said, “Current environment is severely impacted by burning of diesel. AQI, especially in NCR, is deteriorating considerably, its high time one must take the onus and start using alternate clean fuels like Biodiesel, at least in the non-transport sector.”

He further added, “Interestingly, there was no alternative available for consumers. Anticipating the strong demand for this, we launched “Synergy Green Diesel” which is a distilled grade Biodiesel and can be used in existing diesel engines without any modification.”

“Our Bio-Diesel has been very successful in the areas we have test-piloted it and we are very sure, consumers in Noida and NCR region won’t ask for traditional diesel again, once they start using our product,”

The company has also extended its operations of its automated on-site fuel delivery service ‘FillNow’ to Noida and NCR. This service was previously launched in Faridabad and Gurgaon.

Speaking about this service, Prasan Surana said, “Non-transport fuel consumers in India follow a traditional concept of purchasing fuel, where they buy fuel in barrels & jerry cans from petroleum retail outlets and transport them to consumption points. Hence it becomes difficult for an owner to ascertain the quality & quantity of fuel delivered in his absence.”

He also added, “All our deliveries are fully automated and every drop of fuel delivered by our refueller is accounted for, so customers are billed only for what is delivered.” Surana also said that customers of the Synergy’s on-site fuel delivery service are only from the B2B segment, including MSMEs, hotels, RWAs, office complex, construction sites, telecom towers etc.

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