SIAM, Auto News, ET Auto

SIAM, Auto News, ET Auto

New Delhi: In the wake of increasing road fatalities, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) believes there is a proper need of enforcing rules and regulations as these are primarily needed to reap the full benefits of technology advancements for improving road safety.

As a part of the ongoing Road Safety Week initiative, SIAM in association with Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India (MoRTH) and Delhi Traffic Police organized a seminar on ‘Emerging trends in Safety on Roads.’

Discussing the safety concern, Neeti Sarkar, CEO and PD, NATRiP, Govt. of India said, “Safety is indeed the prime concern now because of the alarming fatality figures on road. But with emerging technologies and the strengthening of law and regulations, situation in India is bound to improve in spite of high traffic density and vast climatic ranges. NATRiP is setting up more testing facilities to ensure vehicles’ safety condition. Testing agencies and OEMs will work together on safety of Indian roads.”

Abhay Damle, Joint Secretary, MoRTH pointed out that even if drivers are not cautious enough, the vehicles and road infrastructures have to assist in avoiding accidents. “Technology should take care of the safety features like airbag and seatbelts in cars, proper sized helmets available with two wheelers, truck standard and regular fitness maintenance regime as well as maintaining the black spots. But above all, to make the technologies fruitful, all of us have to comply with the laws.”

The first session on ‘Vehicular Safety Standards’ highlighted safety features on two wheelers, four wheelers and commercial vehicles like dynamic steering, automated manual transmission, telematics system, safe cabin, cruise control, lane keeping assist system features to equip drivers with more control over human errors.

The second session on ‘Auto Components Safety Standards’ mentioned the use of genuine parts, using helmets of proper standards and awareness of having proper lights on the vehicle help to avoid accidents. It was also discussed that proper infrastructures and investments in this field, regularizing, standardizing and digitizing the after-market of spare parts will lead to reducing road fatality only if the drivers and fellow citizens are aware.

Declaring the year 2019-2020 as ‘National Road Safety Year’, SIAM is working to enhance road safety in India through various onsite & online campaigns, awareness programs, seminars, rallies and other initiatives.

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