Royal Enfield hikes prices – Autocar India

Royal Enfield hikes prices - Autocar India

7th Feb 2019 2:35 pm

All models, except the 650 twins, see a hike of around Rs 1,500.

Royal Enfield has increased prices of all of its models, except for the Interceptor and Continental GT 650. All the bikes, ranging from the Bullet 350 STD to the Thunderbird 500X, see a hike of around Rs 1,500.

On speaking to a few dealers about the price increase, we have learnt that this was part of the company’s yearly hike that was set to happen in January but got delayed to February. Even the company’s ADV motorcycle, the Himalayan, sees an increase in cost.

To give you a better understanding of the increase, the Bullet 350 STD now costs Rs 1,17,660 instead of Rs 1,16,207. Similarly, the Thunderbird 500 ABS has now gone up from Rs 2,05,189 to Rs 2,06,645. The Himalayan ABS now costs Rs 1,80,289 up from Rs 1,78,833. Prices for both, the Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650, have remained unaffected.

Prices (ex-showroom, Mumbai)
ModelEx-showroom (old)Ex-showroom (new)
Bullet 350 STDRs 1,16,207Rs 1,17,660
Bullet 350 ESRs 1,32,511Rs 1,33,964
Bullet 500 ABSRs 1,86,685Rs 1,88,141
Classic 350 Redditch ABSRs 1,51,793Rs 1,53,245
Classic 350 Gunmetal grey ABSRs 1,53,629Rs 1,55,082
Classic 500 ABSRs 1,99,928Rs 2,01,315
Classic 500 Chrome ABSRs 2,10,361Rs 2,11,817
Thunderbird 350 ABSRs 1,54,547Rs 1,56,000
Thunderbird 500 ABSRs 2,05,189Rs 2,06,645
Thunderbird 350X ABSRs 1,61,893Rs 1,63,346
Thunderbird 500X ABSRs 2,13,061Rs 2,14,516
Himalayan ABSRs 1,78,833Rs 1,80,289
Himalayan Sleet ABSRs 1,80,670Rs 1,82,125

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