Old Jeep Grand Cherokee Pickup Conversion Is Poor Man’s Gladiator

Old Jeep Grand Cherokee Pickup Conversion Is Poor Man's Gladiator

If you were ever a fan of the first-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee, it was probably because of its good looks (for the time), impressive safety features and off-road prowess.

What it could never do, though, was moonlight as a pickup truck – something no Jeep could actually do for a long, long time until the Gladiator came along. Of course, that didn’t stop the owner of this particular GC from cutting off the D-pillar, part of the roof and the tailgate, and turn it into something akin to a pickup truck.

While the image was sourced from Reddit’s unsightly car mods thread, we would argue that this “truck” is based on a model that can be purchased dirt cheap and, if resprayed and fitted with its bumpers, could look much better.

Now, here’s an interesting fact: the Grand Cherokee was launched in 1992, the very same year in which the Jeep Comanche was discontinued. What is a Comanche. you ask? Well, ot was Jeep’s last ever genuine pickup truck prior to the 2019 Wrangler-based Gladiator and was originally based on the first-generation Cherokee from the mid 1980s.

Unlike this Grand Cherokee, the Comanche came as a Regular/Single Cab model, whereas this vehicle here is a Double Cab with a ridiculously small truck bed.

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