Niti Aayog, Auto News, ET Auto

Niti Aayog, Auto News, ET Auto

New Delhi: Government think tank, Niti Aayog is working on an ITeS policy to introduce intelligent transport system in the country in the wake of increasing road fatalities, according to Anil Srivastava, Principal Adviser & DG DMEO, Niti Aayog, GoI.

“Many initiatives towards transportation are taken where the idea is to have seamless, connected, shared, digitalised and zero-emission free mobility. In the last three years, conscious efforts in streamlining road safety have brought down the rate of road accidents and related issues by more than five per cent,” said Anil Srivastava.

However, Niti Aayog did not mention when it will be introduced.

He further acknowledged that India is fastest growing automobile market with a spurt in passenger traffic, thus, there is a need of big ideas to tackle the issues like road safety. “The country needs a massive data collection drive to maintain registry of people to regulate driving practices and we are working towards it.”

Abhay Damle, IRS, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport & Highway said, “We are
introducing a very India unique feature that would be implemented in all the cars by July 2019. We are taking this initiative to curb the speed of the vehicles, especially transport vehicles.”

Damle believes it is a difficult strategy to implement across the country, however this is the best way to control the risks.

Moreover, government has made airbags mandatory for all the cars.

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