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Methods to accelerate your car engine’s Horsepower and How to handle the upgrade yourself.

Horsepower.  It’s a term you’ve heard over and over again in the automotive world.  In the world of geeks, it would be equivalent to your car’s HP (hit points), always on the eternal quest to boost it.  To be quiet truthful, many car guys don’t even scientifically know what it is, just that they want it, and lots of it.  It’s a ‘mine is bigger than yours’ indicator.  Nevertheless, if you turned toward that person bragging about horsepower and asked him “what it was” he’d have little clue.  Only that it makes the car go faster.  But what is it?   What exactly is horsepower and how do we get more efficiency of it in our car engines?

So to break it down for you, horsepower, a unit of power to define the rate at which work is done.  In other words, the power that a horse gives when dragging, or basically the power needed to raise 550 pounds a distance of one foot in one second, or the power required to move 33,000 pounds one foot in one minute.

To achieve maximum results and increase horsepower from your bolt-on performance parts, they need to work together. We’d vouch for getting an expert advice on the best arrangement of parts for your vehicle and, if you’re doing one modification at a time, the order in which they should be installed.

Some bolt-on engine alterations can be the key to how to get more horsepower and torque for improved acceleration, quicker passing, and amplified towing capacity. By learning how to surge horsepower to unlock your engine’s full potential and improve its efficiency, it may even deliver improved fuel mileage under normal driving conditions. For a small saving mo and a little effort you can make big improvements in engine horsepower.

How to Increase your Car Engine’s Horsepower There are many ways to increase your car’s horsepower but we will start with understanding how your car’s engine really works.  To put it clearly, your car engine is one big air pump with a series of deliberate combustions that push as much air in and out of as possible.  If you want to increase the horsepower, you’ve fundamentally got to find ways to move more air in a greater volume through your engine.

A typical game plan to increase horsepower:

  • Switch to a performance air filter: To increase horsepower and efficiency, you need to get more air and fuel into and out of your engine. Substituting to a performance air filter allows more air to flow freely to your engine.
  • Larger-diameter throttle body: In combination with your fuel injection system, the throttle body regulates the air flow that goes into your engine. This system is a significant amount of your vehicle because, as with all combustion, air is required for your engine to fire properly. Installing a large-diameter throttle body with bigger flaps allows more air to flow into the engine, cumulating several aspects of performance. A larger throttle body delivering air at a higher rate helps you sense faster acceleration and a surge in engine power by up to 25 hp. additionally, you can install a throttle body spacer to further enhance your fuel economy and intensification in torque.
  • High Performance Exhaust System: Fitting a free flowing exhaust with larger diameter piping will allow your car to expel exhaust quicker. The sooner the car can exhale carbon monoxide, the earlier it can inhale fresh oxygen to make more carbon monoxide.
  • Change your fuel delivery: On fuel-injected vehicles, there’s not a lot you can do in the area of fuel delivery. For older rides with carburetors, substituting to an aftermarket carburetor can make a big difference in performance. You may also want to ponder upon a phenolic riser, which puts the carburetor about an inch above the intake manifold. The whole notion of a riser or high-rise competition manifold is to generate more velocity through the fuel/air mixture as well as putting the carburetor past away from engine heat so it can mix cooler and more casual air in with the fuel.
  • High-flow catalytic converter: high-flow catalytic converters don’t function in a different way from your stock unit. A high-flow cat is accountable for the same task of reducing emissions — only faster. They accomplish this by using a less dense internal cell count and increased volume surrounding the catalyst itself. Along with your other exhaust mods, a high-flow cat is focused on aggregating the flow capability of your engine to help it make more power. High-flow cats upsurge power across the rpm range, though most noticeably in the lower rpm range, to deliver a boost of both torque and horsepower.
  • Fine-tune and reprogram computer-controlled systems: In vehicles with computer-controlled engines, a hand-held re-programmer will progress timing, optimize fuel delivery, and change shift points on automatic transmissions. If you go this way, be sure you’re following instructions to the letter — drastic changes in engine performance parameters can be pretty tricky.

It’s also significant to understand torque vs. horsepower. Automakers boast about engine horsepower numbers but engine torque is what accelerates your vehicle. Appropriately matching your engine’s torque curve to the vehicle is extremely important. There’s an old saying that there’s no replacement for displacement. How have you amplified power in your vehicle? Let us know at Autokartz.com!

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