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Land Rover Plans to Reveal the Redesigned Defender in September

Late last year, Land Rover released official images of a camouflaged Defender prototype. The camouflage not only confirmed that the redesigned Defender would be a 2020 model, but it also made it clear that the new Defender would be sold in the U.S. After years of being left out, that was great news for us. But now we actually know when Land Rover plans to reveal its next-gen off-roader.

Speaking with Australia’s CarAdvice this week, Tim Krieger, Jaguar Land Rover’s head of communications, revealed that we’ll finally get to see the 2020 Defender in another five months. Land Rover just hasn’t decided whether to do its own event or give the Defender a formal Frankfurt motor show debut.

“You’ve got Defender coming up later in the year which will be huge…the car will be revealed around September, but we won’t see customer deliveries until early next year,” Krieger told CarAdvice. “There will be something around Frankfurt [in September]. Whether it’s at the motor show or whether it’s an out of show event, we’re sorting that out at the moment, with Australia in early 2020.”

With dealer deliveries beginning in Australia early next year, we expect the Defender to go on sale in the U.S. at a similar time. It will probably be too late for Christmas, but from the sound of it, Land Rover should get the new Defender here soon after that. And what could be more romantic than buying your loved one an awesome off-roader for Valentine’s Day?

Source: CarAdvice

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