Lamborghini Explains Why The Huracan EVO Doesn’t Have An ‘LP’ Name

Lamborghini Explains Why The Huracan EVO Doesn't Have An 'LP' Name

The Huracan LP610-4 is the official name of Lamborghini’s best-selling sports car but chances are, you never see or hear the LP610-4 part mentioned. To 99 percent of the world, it’s simply the Lamborghini Huracan.

For years, the Italian automaker has used this kind of designation for its supercars. LP stands for Longitudinale Posteriore, that is Longitudinal Rear, and clearly refers to the engine, while the three-digit number, for example 610, discloses the output and the dash something, in Huracan’s case -4, the number of driven wheels. Thus, the new Evo should be the LP640-4. Right?

Well, no, as the Italian automaker has caught onto the fact that no one uses the alphanumeric system and decided that it will simply name its revamped ‘baby’ supercar the Huracan Evo.

Talking to Motor Trend at the recent launch of the supercar, Lamborghini chief technical officer Maurizio Reggiani said that naming the facelifted Huracan the ‘Evo’ is easier for consumers to understand and better from a branding perspective. The name also happens to roll off the tongue better than ‘Huracan LP640-4’ or something similar.

Many car manufacturers have been aggressively pursuing alphanumeric names in recent times as it helps when translated into other languages. However, not everyone likes them.

What remains unclear is whether or not the Huracan Evo will spell the end of alphanumeric names for all future Lamborghini models, but it appears as though this is the way Lamborghini is going. And the Evo isn’t the first: unlike its predecessor, the SV LP750-4, the latest hardcore Aventador, the SVJ, doesn’t have an alphanumeric designation either.

The times, they are a changin’ even in the most historic and exclusive of automakers after all.

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