JBM Solaris ropes in 25 Indian companies to spur localisation, Auto News, ET Auto

JBM Solaris ropes in 25 Indian companies to spur localisation, Auto News, ET Auto

New Delhi: JBM Solaris Electric Vehicle (JBMSEV), a joint venture between Polish busmaker Solaris and the Indian firm JBM Auto, is aiming to create employment for close to two lakh people directly or indirectly in India through its electric bus project ECO-LIFE by 2024 , a top company official said.

Nishant Arya, Executive Director, JBM Group

Adoption of localization will play a critical role in realizing this target which the company has bifurcated into two phases, each with a time period of three years, starting 2018.

“With this project we are planning to generate close to 50,000 local direct or indirect employment in the phase I (2018-2021) and will take this upto 2 lakh in phase II (2021-2024),” JBM Group, Executive Director, Nishant Arya told ETAuto on the sidelines of the trial run of its ECO-LIFE bus here.

Barring battery, all the high level electronics and electrical components are either being sourced or developed locally by the company.

JBM has roped in 25 local companies to meet the requirements of its key electronics and electrical components. The company is also engaged in developing the software and critical hardware systems needed for the electric bus.

“We have a team of 300 R&D engineers who are working on this project in which we are doing lot of core development in software and hardware in-house,” added Arya.

At present, the company is working on 9 meter and 12 meter electric bus platforms and holds the capacity to manufacture 2000 units annually from its plants in Faridabad and Kosi.

When asked about extent of revenue boost the company is projecting via ECO-LIFE buses for this fiscal, he said the project will not boost the revenue quite substantially in this fiscal, considering the time taken in tendering process and delivery mechanism.

“We are expecting a multi-fold positive impact next financial year but this year it would not create any substantial effect,” he added.

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