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How to Check Car Wing Mirror

wing mirror, also called the fender mirrordoor mirroroutside rear-view mirror or side view mirror, is a mirror that is located on the exterior of motor vehicles for the purpose of helping the driver see areas behind and to the sides of the vehicle which are outside the driver’s peripheral vision (in the ‘blind spot’).

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The car wing or door mirrors, usually called side mirrors, are another type. They are mostly mounted on car doors. They need to be fitted and in working state to qualify a car as roadworthy to pass on public roads.
The driver needs to use this mirror together with the driving mirror on a constant basis.

Side mirrors are made of curved convex glass for enabling wider viewing angle of the rear. These mirrors need to be kept clean at all times. This is for a proper view of reflected images in the mirror. One must use them frequently for responding safely to what the mirror reflects. They have to be adjusted to the driver’s seating position, height, and convenience. The best way for checking if your mirror is rightly placed is if you are able to view the rear of the car when you are in the driver’s seat.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Car Door Mirror

If a side mirror has its glass is broken, unable to moved or adjusted, or has a heater that is not working, you might be needing to replace a door mirror.

Any issues with the door mirrors can lead to a hindrance in the visibility of the vehicle’s surroundings for the driver, which can turn it into an inconvenience and a safety concern.

1. Mirror glass is broken

One of the most common symptoms of a problem with the door mirror will be a broken or cracked mirror glass. If anything strikes the mirror and causes it to break, this will cause a distortion to the reflective surface of the mirror. Depending on the severity of the damage, this might greatly impair the driver’s ability to see using that mirror, which can be a safety hazard.

2. The mirror does not move or cannot be adjusted

Another common symptom of a problem with the door mirror will be a mirror that does not move or cannot be adjusted. Most modern door mirrors are built with some means in order to adjust the positioning of the mirror in order to provide the best visibility for the driver. Some mirrors utilize mechanical levers, while others use electric motors paired with a switch as a means to position the mirror. If the motors or mechanism fail, it will decrease the ability to adjust the mirror. The mirror might still help in providing a vision for the driver, however, it can’t be adjusted properly until the problem is fixed.

3. Mirror heater does not function

Another one of the symptoms of a potential problem with the door mirror is a heated mirror that does not function. Some new vehicles have heaters built into the mirror. This heater removes and prevents condensation from forming on the mirror so that the driver can see even in foggy or wet conditions. If the heater fails, the mirror might be obstructed due to condensation and will not be able to give the driver any visibility.

How to Replace a Car Wing Mirror

Replacing broken mirror glass is quite simple. In many cases, you don’t require any tools at all.

Step 1- Pry the broken wing mirror off

•    Get behind of the wing mirror with a plastic pry bar. On some cars, there is enough room for getting your fingers behind it, and you won’t require a tool at all, but watch out for broken glass. It should only take moderate effort for getting the mirror to pop off the clips.

•    If you have heated mirrors or the type with turn signals built in, just unplug the wires connected to the wing mirror.

•    We removed the decorative cover from the back side of the mirror (it also pops right off easily) for pointing out how the clips on the mirror snap onto the plate it pivots on.

Step 2- Inspect clips and tabs 

Number 1 snaps into A, 2 into B, and the same goes on. Every manufacturer utilizes a slightly different system. Ensure all the tabs or clips on the mounting plate are still in good shape. If not, order a new part to replace the broken one from the dealer.

Step 3- Line up tabs 

If you have wing mirrors with turn signal repeaters built in or heater elements, just reattach the wires to the mirror. Now, line up the taps as well as clips and move the mirror into its proper position on the mounting plate.

Step 4- Press firmly until wing mirror snaps into place 

Then, press firmly but carefully so the clips should snap into place with a noticeable click. Confirm it is attached through prying with your fingers

Step 5- Clean and re-adjust mirror 

Finally, it is done. Don’t forget to readjust the wing mirror so that you can properly monitor what is behind you and then wipe off any fingerprints as well as smudges.

Video of How to Replace a Car Door Mirror

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