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How to Check Car Door

car door is a type of door, usually hinged, but sometimes attached by other mechanisms such as tracks, in front of an opening which is used for entering and exiting a vehicle.

A vehicle door can be opened in order to provide access to the opening, or closed to secure it. These doors can be opened manually or can be powered electronically. Powered doors are generally found on minivans, high-end cars, or modified cars.

Symptoms of a Bad Car Door

The car doors usually get stuck when there is an uncertain cold weather condition. This leads to the door lock becoming inactive. Another enemy hiding within which makes the car door’s lock inactive will be the dirt that froze on springs because of which the lock won’t work. Sometimes, it might get locked on its own.

How to Fix the Car Door

1. Lubrication Method

If you couldn’t open your car door, you can add some lubrication. Lubricate the door lock tumbler with the help of graphite powder which will help the frozen lock to work properly. This method can only be applicable when your door is jammed due to cold temperature.

2. Broken Key

Sometimes your key might be broken or worn out because of which your car door won’t open. Ensure whether your car key is perfectly right. If not, you need to have a spare key.

3. Remove the Door Panel

•    If the above methods are not working, we need to analyze the portion inside the door.

•    Remove the panel of the door in order to look for the problem. Use your screwdriver set and detach the screws from the door panel.

•    Important note: It will be better when you start removing the screws from the bottom of the car door panel.

•    Then, disconnect the electric connection that is attached to the door panel. Keep all the screws in a safe place so that you don’t have to search for a missing screw. Once you finish removing the screws, just hold the bottom of the door panel. Then slightly lift it upwards and give a shake so that the panel can separate.

•    Most cars have a plastic cover inside the door panel in order to prevent the water to run inside. Remove those plastic cover to solve the problem inside the panel that prevents the door from opening.

•    Later when you remove the panel and the plastic cover inside it, look for any uncertainty with the mechanism. If you cannot open your lock from outside, then there is a problem with the shafts which are inside.

•    As the contact between the holder and the shaft is less the door cannot be opened from outside. To solve this problem, you need to attach a nut at the end of the shaft and stick it firmly. Thus the shaft can have a tight grip for opening the door from outside.

•    If you still you face a problem in opening the door, then you can check the lock assembly to check for any broken parts inside the lock assembly. In other cases, there can be a hurdle with the door lock motor.

•    Cars have a power locking system which is operated with a door lock motor and moves the rod to unlock or to lock the door. You can give a trial to sort out the problem and if it is not in proper condition, it needs a replacement.

4. Door Latch

Some people dash the door very hard while closing it. This, when repeated for a long time, will cause damage to the door, especially in the car door latch. Sometimes the latch will get stuck inside the door. So you have to analyze the cause of the problem.

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How to Replace a Car Door Panel

You might have an annoying rattle coming from your door as you drive, your window is no longer working, door locks or handles are not functioning properly, or you might even have a problem with the switches on the door. No matter what the reason, removing your door panel at some point of time can become necessary. Door panels can be difficult to remove if you do not have the proper direction or the right tools as well as knowledge. Knowing how most door panels are mounted will be invaluable whenever you need to remove them.

A) Have the right parts and tools

Prior to removing the door panel, it is a good idea to always prepare yourself. There are some parts that usually break when removing a door panel and there are a few tools that make the job easier.

  • Long and short flat-head screwdrivers
  • Metal pick (small)
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Plastic door panel clips
  • Note: If you are repairing any other parts of the door, like a window motor, make sure that you purchase it before the repairs.

B) Removal of the door panel

Step 1- Get your car ready.

You need to put your car into park and turn the engine off. It will be best to park the car in a shaded area as you will be working outside of the vehicle, and it can get hot without any shade.

Step 2- Pry away covers and lights.

The covers and lights on the door panel can be removed through lightly prying on them, which will expose the mounting screws.

Step 3- Locate all of the mounting screws.

Most door panels have about 4 or 5 mounting screws which will now be visible.

Step 4- Separate the door panel from the door.

Once all of the screws and panels are removed, just grab the bottom of the door panel and pull it firmly from the door. This should help to release the locking tabs.

Tip: If the door panel does not release, you can also push the long flat-head screwdriver behind the bottom of the panel between the door and the panel.

Step 5- Lift the panel of the door.

Then, you can pry the panel from the door, which will allow you to lift the door panel up and off the door.

Tip: Once you have removed the door panel you must be careful of the wiring if you have power locks and windows. Remove any electrical connection for removing the door panel.

Step 6- Inspect the door clips.

After you have removed the panel, it is crucial that you examine it to find any clips that may have broken in the process of removal and be sure to replace any that are broken.

C) Installing the door panel

Step 1

Hold the door panel close enough to the door so that you can connect all the electrical connections that were earlier detached during the process of removal.

Step 2- Install the panel.

In order to attach the new panel, you need to start by installing the top of it into the window seal. Once the top is in place, you can push on the door panel till you hear the clips snap in place.

Tip: You can look behind the panel while installing it to ensure that the panel clips and the mounting holes are aligned before you push it into place.

Step 3- Return the screws and plastic covers.

Reinstall all of the mounting screws as well as plastic covers by pushing the covers back into place. This makes sure that the door is attached properly.

Warning: Plastic interior parts generally become brittle over time. These parts can easily break if they are not removed and installed properly.

Step 4- Check the door.

•    Turn on the ignition and check the operation of all of the switches on the door to ensure that the normal functions of the door are restored as expected.

Warning: Some door panels contain side airbags. If you do not follow the correct procedures, these airbags can deploy, causing serious harm.

•    Whether you are removing the door panel to install a new one or doing other repairs within the door, the process is painless and quite straightforward, especially if you are prepared with the proper tools and materials.

•    Don’t be afraid to remove the door panel just because the task seems too difficult or daunting; instead, armed with the proper guidelines, you can easily finish the job.

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