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How Timely Filter Change Filters Away Costly Maintenance From Your Life

Filtration of impurities from the air or water we consume is a relevant health concern for us now-a-days as we all take some basic measures to make sure we get pure air and water. We however, often forget to do the same for our beloved motor-mates. Learn why filters are needed in your car and how they can enhance the beauty, output and durability of your car.

Our cars require clean and purified air and oil to function efficiently and for that our cars use four different types of filters:-

The engine sucks in outside air and fuel into its cylinders where combustion occurs to power up the car. When small particles like plastics, dust and other impurities, enter the cylinder along with the air, they reduce the capacity of the cylinder to contain fuel and oxygen for efficient energy production. Also, they get burnt themselves giving off smoke and other toxic gases harmful for the environment.

Air filters purify the air entering engine cylinders to facilitate greater and cleaner combustion.

Air filters should be changed after 20, 000 to 40, 000 kilometers depending on the intensity of car use.

The air conditioning in your car takes air from the surrounding atmosphere within for you to breathe. We all know about the high levels of pollution many cities across the globe harbor.

Cabin air filters clean the air entering the car’s interior for healthy breathing of passengers.

Cabin air filters have to be replaced at least once a year. People with respiratory problems and allergies should particularly change them more often.

The engine has many movable parts like the pistons which rub against other metallic surfaces within the engine. Such rubbing may jam the parts or slowly contribute to the wear and tear of the machine. Motor oil is hence used as a lubricating agent inside the engine and the oil filter removes the metallic and carbon based particles from this oil which may deposit in the fuel injectors and block the entry of fuel in the cylinders.

Oil filters should be replaced every 4500 to 8000 km of car travel.

With the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels like petrol and diesel, the quality of fuel is also decreasing. Fuel contains various impurities like dust, metal, soot and water which enter the engine and decrease the power output. Water can cause the inner metallic parts to rust while other impurities may undergo incomplete combustion and produce toxic gases which will make your car a smoke machine.

Fuel filters will effectively purify the fuel entering the engine cylinders and increasing your engine’s life and output.

Fuel filters should be changed after every 30000 km of car drive.

Benefits of replacing car filters on time

finally it’s time to sum up the benefits of car filters:-

  • Cleaner air to breathe for passengers
  • Minimal damage to AC system of the car
  • Less dirt accumulation in the car’s interior
  • More power output from the engine
  • Smooth functioning of the engine parts
  • Lesser pollution generation from the car
  • Less wear and tear of the engine

Low quality filters may not be able to purify SPM (suspended particulate matter) and may need frequent replacing. Autokartz service kit contains all four car filters plus engine oil. Buy high grade car filters and other various car spare parts from Autokartz.

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