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How important is Windshield Light Sensor ?

Do My Car have A windshield light Sensor ?

A Windshield Light Sensor is looks similar to a Rain Sensor. Often they are available as a combined unit installed beneath your rear view mirror in a special mount and touching windshield inner surface. Windshield Light Sensor is also visible from out side as a transparent box at the place of rear view mirror holder.

Why is Light Sensor important for my Car ?

Windshield Light Sensor help to control your cars head lights. It keeps tracking the type of illumination around you while you are driving. Some time while driving for extended hours you can’t keep a track of amount of light around you and how fast is night falling. While you are so busy in driving you forget to switch on your head lights which can be dangerous for you as well as other drivers on road. Windshield Light Sensor does this for you, it keep a track on sun light intensity and switches on the head light if sunlight is not good enough for driving. Automatic control of your head lights also help to conserve your car battery.

Do it need to be replaced during windshield replacement ?

If you got your windshield cracked due to some unfortunate reason and need it to be replaced or repaired. It doesn’t mean you also have to replace your windshield light sensor. In most of the cracks your windshield got repaired if your crack it less than a coin size. If it is more than it you need a windshield replacement but it doesn’t amount to light sensor replacement. You need to check whether your light sensor got hit directly or there is some sort of damage to its wiring. Other wise it is ok to use your old sensor with brand new windshield.

Where Should I buy A new Windshield Light Sensor ?

For most of the car brands and models Light Sensors are readily available in the after market. Here at Auto Glass Masters we suggest you to go for an OEM Light Sensor for your car. OEM re-installation is the best way to ensure that it works properly. If your light sensor is not right it will affect car illumination and will also drain more battery than OEM. It will affect your battery life.

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