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Get your vehicle’s interior glittering and hygienic with these simple car hacks!

Knowing these simple tricks from Autokartz to clean your car’s interior will make your daily travel much more satisfying:-

How frequent: Once in every 3 months.


  • Two empty garbage bags or boxes.
  • Vacuum cleaner with attachments.
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths.
  • A container of clean & warm water.
  • Homemade glass cleaner.
  • Liquid dish soap.
  • Scrub brush.

Duration: 120-150 minutes.

Follow the given DIY steps to get your car perfectly cleaned:-

1. Sorting out elements

Place all garbage in the first bag and chuck it away. In the second bag, collect up any items that don’t belong in your car and leave the bag away to deal with it later.

2. Vacuum clean

 Using the fabric attachments, vacuum clean the floor mats then remove them and put them on the other side. Vacuum clean the ceiling of your car (especially important if you’re a smoker), the car seats, under the seats, and to finish with the floor.

3.  Seat cleaning

By means of the crevice attachment, clean between the seats and console, under the seats, around the edges of the seat rails and all other areas where food and dirt hide.

4. Dusting

With the brush attachment, vacuum clean the dashboard, the console, the inner portion of all cup holders and all other surfaces where dust accumulates.

5. Wiping with the cloth

Dip a microfiber cloth into the bucket of warm water and rub down the dashboard, steering wheel, console, door handles and all other vinyl surfaces. Be assured to rinse and squeeze the cloth repeatedly, so you’re not just spreading dirt around. Change cloths as necessary. Add a small amount of soap to clean any sticky mess.

6. Floor cleaning

Look at the floor for marks. Get rid of them by dabbing (not rubbing) on warm, soapy water with a cleaning cloth then scrubbing to remove stain. Dab dry with a spotless cloth. Repeat for stains on seat covers.

7. Mat cleaning

Wash off the floor mats in a different place, with a hose. Give soapy water to stains with a scrub brush. Let them dry in the sun.

8. Glass cleaning

Use glass cleaner and a fresh, dry microfiber fabric to clean fingerprints and vapor from the inner side of windows. Polish the chrome surfaces too.

9. Assembling things back

Place floor mats to the car when they’re totally dry. If you wish to use a product or merchandise to shine your car’s dash and interior surfaces, now’s the time to put on it by spraying it on a lint-free cloth and wiping it onto the surface to be cared. (Spraying it straight on the surface usually uses too much and can get your windows greasy again.)

Some useful Autokartz tips:-

  • It’s also a great idea to keep a stock of paper napkins and a clean microfiber cloth in your console to deal with yet to come spills.
  • Make a practice of stockpiling a couple of empty plastic shopping bags in your car to hold trash, mud-covered shoes, and items that aren’t appropriate in your car.
  • Get genuine products like vacuum cleaner, dashboard dresser and interior leather wax online at India’s best auto parts seller- Autokartz.com

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