Ford EcoSport Recall Issued For 2019 Models

Ford recalls 87 SUVs that may have faulty welds that attach the seatbacks.

A 2019 Ford EcoSport recall has been issued for 87 SUVs that may have faulty welds on the front seatbacks.

Ford says the bad weld is between the A-bracket on the front seatback and the side member.

The automaker is unaware of any crashes or injuries, but the faulty seatback weld could easily fail during an impact.

The 2019 EcoSport recall includes 63 SUVs in the U.S. and another 13 vehicles in Canada.

Dealers will need to replace the front seats in the SUVs once the recall begins, but Ford didn’t release details about when the recall will get underway.

EcoSport owners affected by the seatback weld recall may call Ford at 866-436-7332 and refer to recall number 18C08. has owner-reported complaints about Ford EcoSports and other Ford models.

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