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The core of the engine is a cylinder, with the piston moving up and down inside of the cylinder. Single cylinder engines are typical of most of the lawn mowers, but generally cars have more than one cylinder (four, six and eight cylinders are common). In a multi-cylinder engine of the car, the cylinders generally are arranged in an Inlined manner, in a V shape or just Flat (also known as horizontally opposed or boxer), as shown in the figures to the left.

So that inline four that we mentioned at the beginning is an engine with four cylinders arranged in a line. Different configurations have different pros and cons in smoothness, the manufacturing cost and shape’s characteristics. Such pros and cons make them more suitable for certain types of vehicles.

Different parts of an Engine are as follows-

  • Air Duct
  • Air Intake Manifold
  • Alternator
  • Alternator Mounting Parts
  • Belt
  • Camshaft
  • Connecting Rod
  • Crank Case
  • Crank Pulley
  • Cylinder Head
  • Engine Block
  • Engine Cradle
  • Engine Shake Dampers
  • Engine Timing Parts
  • Engine Valve
  • Other Engine Components
  • PCV Valve
  • Starter Motor
  • Tappet
  • Turbocharger and Supercharger
  • Water Pump Pulley