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Car Engine Compartment Pinging Sound While Accelerating

PROBLEM : Pinging  
WHEN : Accelerating  
LOCATION : Engine Compartment  
Priority Action Part Type Cause
1 Check Crankshaft Gear Worn Timing Gear(s).
2 Check Knock Sensor Improperly Connected or Faulty Knock Sensor.
3 Check Heater Control Valve Leaking or Faulty Heater Control Valve.
4 Check EGR Position Sensor Worn, Damaged or Faulty EGR Position Sensor.
5 Check Timing Chain Slipped Timing Chain.
6 Check Timing Set Slipped Timing Chain or Worn Timing Gear(s).
7 Check Point Gap Incorrect Point Gap Setting.
8 Check Point Set Burned, Worn or Incorrectly Set Ignition Points.
9 Check Spark Plug Fouled, Damaged, or Broken Spark Plug(s).
10 Check Spark Plug Gap Incorrectly Gapped or Fouled Spark Plug(s).
11 Check Firing Order Spark Plug Wire(s) Not Connected in Correct Firing Order Sequence.
12 Check Timing Specification Incorrect Ignition Timing.
13 Check Point Dwell Point Dwell Not Within Specified Range.
14 Check EGR Time Delay Switch Worn, Damaged or Faulty EGR Time Delay Switch.
15 Check EGR Vacuum Solenoid Worn, Damaged or Faulty EGR Vacuum Solenoid.
16 Check Carburetor Worn, Faulty or Damaged Carburetor.
17 Check Carburetor Incorrect Carburetor Adjustment.
18 Check Carburetor Dirty and Improperly Functioning Carburetor.
19 Check Fuel Filter Clogged or Dirty Fuel Filter.
20 Check Distributor Cap and Rotor Kit Loose or Cracked Distributor Cap.
21 Check Barometric Pressure Sensor Damaged or Faulty Barometric Pressure Sensor.
22 Check Compression Pressure Low Compression.
23 Check Choke Thermostat Stuck or Improperly Functioning Choke Thermostat.
24 Check EGR Valve Improperly Functioning or Faulty EGR Valve.
25 Check Ported Vacuum Switch Worn, Damaged or Faulty Ported Vacuum Switch.
26 Check Choke Pull Off Faulty Choke Pull Off.
27 Check Choke Pull Off Damaged or Faulty Choke Pull Off(s).
28 Check Air Pump Check Valve Worn, Damaged or Faulty Air Pump Check Valve.
29 Check Camshaft Gear Worn Timing Gear(s).
30 Check Main Bearing Worn or Damaged Main Bearing.
31 Check Air Injection Reactor pipe Worn, Damaged or Faulty Air Injection Reactor pipe.
32 Check Timing Belt Slipped or Broken Timing Belt.
33 Check Distributor Cap Loose or Cracked Distributor Cap.
34 Check Coil – Ignition Faulty Ignition Coil.
35 Check Wire Set Worn, Damaged, or Faulty Spark Plug Wire(s).
36 Check Wire Set Wire Set Ends Are Not Completely Connected or Are ARCING To Ground.

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