Car dealers on govt radar for encroaching, Auto News, ET Auto

Car dealers on govt radar for encroaching, Auto News, ET Auto

NEW DELHI: The Delhi government’s transport department now plans to crack the whip on vehicle dealerships that encroach public land and roads to display vehicles outside their premises. The department plans to cancel the trade certificate issued to such dealerships.

“Many vehicle dealers keep cars and two wheelers outside their premises for display, which is a nuisance and also encroachment of public land,” a senior transport department official said. “We are formulating a policy on this, which should be ready very soon,” he said.

The department plans to take action only against dealerships that deal in new vehicles but not against those dealing in used cars and two wheelers. However, used car dealers are a bigger menace as they often operate out of small shops and most of the used vehicles for sale are kept in the open on roads or public land. “Action against used car dealers have to be taken by civic authorities as we don’t give any permit or certificate to them,” the official said.

A trade certificate is provided to authorised vehicle dealers with the objective that till the vehicle is duly registered with the transport department, these can be used by the dealer.

“While a vehicle is in possession of the dealer, it is demonstrated and test driven till the time it is delivered to the buyer. With the trade certificate number, the vehicle can be used by the dealer till it is registered,” he said.

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