Bring Uber, Ola under regulations before polls, Auto News, ET Auto

Bring Uber, Ola under regulations before polls, Auto News, ET Auto

HYDERABAD: Ahead of April 11 Lok Sabha polls, cab owners in the city launched a campaign seeking prepaid and meter taxis and amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act to regulate cab aggregators.

Nearly 400 cabs operating in Hyderabad and Secunderabad pasted posters of ‘Ola Uber Hatao + Vote Lagao = Achy PM ko Banao’ on their windshields. “Unfortunately, the MV Act of 1988 does not define intermediaries such as Uber and Ola who are only aggregators. They do not own any vehicle but only provide a platform for drivers.

Hence, various state governments could not take any action on them under MV Act,” said Shaik Salauddin, state president of Telangana Four-Wheeler Drivers Association (TFWDA).

The cab owners rue that even the new road transport and safety bill does not define the ‘digital intermediaries’. Cab owners are demanding candidates in the fray for the Lok Sabha elections to ensure that prepaid taxis with meters are encouraged and there is a regulation imposed on the app-based cab aggregators across the country.

They said cab aggregators continue to make huge profits without passing it on to the drivers. During the Assembly polls, TFWDA had launched a campaign claiming that all parties had failed to resolve their issues pertaining to regulation of app-based aggregators.

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