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Automobile lighting systems: Car Lights and Their Functions

Your vehicle has multiple lights and that too of various kinds. Some have bulbs which are small in size but more in number while others have one huge powerful bulb. The lighting system of your car is highly differentiated with specific applications so that you can easily communicate with other vehicle drivers on the road efficiently. The following are the diierent lights found on your car:-


These lights allow you to see in the dark while driving. The light is thrown straight ahead of the car. Cars coming from the opposite direction also spot you in the dark because of the headlights.

Tail lights

These lights illuminate the rear of the car which allows the cars behind you to easily spot you. When the breaks are applied, their intensity increases to signal the car at the rear to slow down as well.

Fog lights

These are high intensity lights which increase the visibility of your car for other cars approaching from the front.

Accessory lights

These lights are used for aesthetic appeal and for decoration. Many luxury cars have lightings on the side view mirrors which further increases their visibility for others.

Signal lighting

Such lights give off a discrete signal regarding the action you are taking or going to take while driving. The indicators highlight the direction in which you are going to turn. The hazard light visually announces that your car cannot move ahead for some reason like a tire burst or an engine break down.

Emergency warning lights

Special vehicles like ambulances, fire-engines and police cars have a beacon attached which makes an alarming sound along with strobing lights to warn about their speedy transit.

Cabin and console lights

These lights are for your convenience and use within he cabin.  On board diagnostics and speedometers/odometers and others buttons and switches the console may also have them.

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