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Anti-lock Braking System: Technology That Saves Lives

ABS or the anti-lock braking system is a safety mechanism installed in cars which prevents the wheels of a fast moving car from locking upon a sudden application of the brakes.

Traditional car braking system

Cars with regular brakes lock the wheels from rotating when the brakers are applied. In case of an emergency, a fast moving car skids or slips even after the brakes are used due to the car’s inertia or the tendency to keep moving.

This may cause a road accident causing damage to the car, valuable properties and even life.

With such a braking system, the driver cannot steer the car out of harm’s way as the wheels are locked.

 Anti-lock brakes

ABS stops the car by braking the speed of the car by alternatively locking and releasing the wheels within a few seconds. The wheel has a sensor nearby which detects the speed at which the car is moving and generates locking and releasing pulses with a suitable frequency.

This system allows the driver to steer and change the direction of the car while retarding the speeding vehicle using brakes.

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