A 2km stretch in East Delhi that’s stuff of nightmares readies for overhaul, Auto News, ET Auto

A 2km stretch in East Delhi that’s stuff of nightmares readies for overhaul, Auto News, ET Auto

NEW DELHI: The two kilometres from Mother Dairy to Panch Mahal Awas in east Delhi is a nightmare for commuters. The absence of pedestrian crossings, footpaths, road markings, signals and space for non-motorised vehicles means the stretch is jammed almost throughout the day.

Now, under a Rs 20-crore plan, the Public Works Department hopes to ease movement there by expanding the footpaths and making separate lanes for buses, cyclists and pedestrians.

According to a PWD official, the intersections are the biggest problem on the stretch. “Drivers do not pay attention to the traffic signals, and many pedestrians have been hit by vehicles while crossing,” the official said.

“Because the number of cases of such cases at intersections is increasing, we plan to redevelop all the intersections that face such problems.” A few are already in the process of being redesigned, while others will be worked on during the year.

The official said that PWD plans to make raised intersections on this length of the road so that the traffic proceeded smoothly with the faster moving vehicles slowing down. Another PWD official privy to the details of the project said that the roads and footpaths would be efficiently redesigned to create more space for car users as well as for pedestrians.

PWD officials revealed that the stretch would be redeveloped to create efficient space for both motorised and non-motorised transport, freeing it of much of the current congestion, and making it safer for pedestrians and the disabled. Apart from these facilities, there will also be a public canteen and a police booth to ensure safety.

The road will start with a soft area where PWD plans plantations to provide greenery and beautification. There will be a 2.5-metre-wide footpath alongside the drain. Quite uniquely, this will be followed by a 2.5-metre-wide path for pedestrians and an equally wide path for motor vehicles. This will provide space for the car drivers to avoid getting on to the path for pedestrians as they currently do when parking their vehicles. The main road will be 6.5 metres wide on both sides of the 1.5-metre divider.

The major aim of this plan is to encourage the use of non-motorised transport. To achieve this, there will be a designated path for cyclists along the entire length of the redeveloped stretch. To prevent motor vehicles straying into this zone, a green patch will be created to serve as the dividing line for cycles and cars.

There will be relief for the many who use this road every day. The stretch sees heavy traffic every day and there have been many accidents involving pedestrians, including some fatalities. The revamp could change all that.

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