2021 Nissan Sentra spied out testing, looking like a small Altima

2021 Nissan Sentra spied out testing, looking like a small Altima
The next Nissan Sentra is coming soon, and it’s looking a lot like the handsome new Altima sedan in these spy photos. We’re probably looking at the 2021 model-year Sentra in these shots, as Nissan has previously teased that the next-gen Sentra could be unveiled as early as sometime this year.

Under the intense, patterned wrappings, it’s relatively easy to see some shapes and lines forming on the front of the car. The “V-Motion” aesthetic is visible, along with what looks like skinnier headlights that stretch back further into the fender than before. There are some blocked-off coverings on the front bumper to hide any sculpting or sharp angles Nissan wants to keep under wraps for the time being, too. Just from this largely disguised car, it’s clear Nissan is adding a bit of needed pizazz to the styling of the Sentra.

Some black tape and cladding is added to the rear, but our guess as to the design language back there is still covered up. If Nissan keeps the Altima theme consistent front to back, the Sentra might be featuring a floating roof design. This wouldn’t be our first choice to make the Sentra more interesting, but it’ll probably bring it further upscale than the dreary car it is now. It’s difficult to tell much of anything from the taillights because they’re covered so well. We’d expect them to be wider and thinner, just like the headlights up front.

Engine options for the Sentra will likely include a small naturally aspirated four-cylinder to begin. However, Nissan brought forced induction to the Sentra right at the end of this model’s life with the SR Turbo and Nismo versions. Perhaps Nissan could turn the wick up even more with a sporty Sentra down the road for this car, too. A new Sentra is badly needed at this point, and this could bring the car back into the compact game. We’ll most likely find out later this year or early next what Nissan is bringing to the table.

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