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Maintenance Tools for your Car

Stop running to the mechanic madly, and fix Your Car with your hands in your own garage!!

Car maintenances can ditch your pocket very recklessly, but you can do a comprehensive range of repairs by your own hands, irrespective of your mechanical ability. We’re not just speaking of oil changes; you can repair almost the whole thing, stretching from fuel filters to alternators. In this blog we’ll feature the tools essential for your DIY toolkit, where to look for assistance when you’re doing the repairs, and how to get rid of some of the most common car problems yourself in your own garage.

There’s no actual top-secret to picking out tools, but they need to have a decent grip. Purchase tools with hefty handles. You will also need to buy new parts for your car if you’re doing a replacement. As for the repair work, think through your phone, tablet, or computer the manual. For buying car spare parts online, Autokartz.com and Tradekartz.com are both outstanding assets. 

The most basic tools that you require:

  • Adjustable wrench
  • Torque wrench
  • Socket and ratchet set
  • Pliers
  • Phillips and flat head screwdrivers
  • Jack (usually included with your car)

#1 Replace a Broken or Worn Drive Belt

It’s a simple task to install a new tensioner and reinstall the belt, holding the tensioner slack with one hand as you thread the last pulley. Once the belt’s in place, twitch the engine and let it idle for a minute or two. Ensure the belt tension by observing at the tensioner arm—the mark cast into the tensioner body will fall between the high and low marks if the belt is the correct part number and is installed properly.

#2 Replace Your Battery and Alternator

First, though, it’s a worthy idea to see if your battery wants to be replaced or if it merely could use a good cleaning. Sulfate, created over time by the battery’s discharge of lead, can figure up on the terminals as a cakey white substance that stops the battery from recharging during use. You can get free of this sulfate with a simple solution of baking soda and water. Be assured the car is off by removing the keys from the ignition and brush the solution onto the sulfate to release the deposit. After the terminals are sparkling, try the ignition. If the car shocks up, it should be capable to recharge itself and you may not need a spare part after all.

#3 Replace Your Brake Parts

You will be pleasingly surprised to find that you can change your car’s disc brake pads quickly, easily and without specialized tools. Doing it on your own will save you a lot of cash. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Remove the wheel
  2. Remove the slider bolt
  3. Pivot the caliper up
  4. Slide out the old brake pads
  5. Replace the retaining clips
  6. Slide in the new brake pads
  7. Retract the pistons
  8. Monitor the brake fluid level
  9. Re-position the caliper
  10. Reinstall the slider bolt
  11. Repeat for the other side
  12. Test-drive under safe conditions

#4 Fix Exterior Coolant Leaks

As with a leaky radiator, you may try the low-priced fix and add a bottle of cooling system sealer to see if that will end the leak. If the leak is minor, the sealer will perhaps halt the leak – at least for the time being. But if the sealer does not break the leak, you will have to disassemble the HVAC case to exchange the heater core. Copper/brass radiators on older vehicles can frequently be soldered to restore leaks. Cracks or pinholes in aluminum radiators in newer vehicles can often be fixed with epoxy glue.

The major obstacle in convincing somebody, that they can themselves tackle car repair is the fear factor, but here’s a fact: It’s really pretty hard to eternally screw up a car. You may break something for the time being, or a fix might not work in the long run, but you undoubtedly won’t set yourself or your car on fire just for the reason that you banged too hard on a valve. Cars are resistant machines and unrelatedly of the year or make, there are plenty of upkeeps even the technically challenged can handle, as long as they have the confidence to push through.

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