Innova Dash NEV offers 90 miles of 35-mph cruising for $13,000

Innova Dash NEV offers 90 miles of 35-mph cruising for $13,000

The latest in the charging-range-per-dollar market offering? Try $3,000 for about 45 miles. Sadly, it’s the second 45 miles.

That’s the ratio that is being offered by Illinois-based Innova, the most recent entrant in the neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) market, the Los Angeles Times reports. Far from the golf-cart-type transportation sometimes associated with NEVs, the Innova Dash will start at $10,000 for a vehicle with a lead-gel battery that can provide a range of about 45 miles on a single charge. Customers can opt to pay another $3,000 for a Dash that comes with a lithium-ion pack that is supposed to be worth 90 miles from a single charge.

Innova started taking orders for the Dash earlier this month and plans to make about 100 of them in its first batch. Deliveries of the 35 mile-per-hour-top-speed vehicle are expected to start in November. For now, the vehicle is only available in California, New York, Florida and, of course, Illinois.

Innova enters an NEV market that’s progressed in fits and starts as consumers try to figure out whether such vehicles can be used on an everyday basis. The most prominent US NEV maker, Global Electric Motorcars (GEM) was generating about $30 million in annual sales before Chrysler, its parent company, sold it to Polaris Industries in 2011 for an undisclosed amount. Check out more details on the Innova Dash here.

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